Our successful customers have the comprehensible, understandable and ingenious claim to use the optimum measuring system for every application that can be measured with Sequip systems. Thus, in comparison to multifunctional application solutions multifunctional application solutions, significant investments can be saved.

Based on the modular basic design of the sensor, the optics and mechanics of the sensors are adapted to the customer's application areas, as are the modular evaluation electronics.

Sequip systems 

ECA – Emulsion Characteristic Analyzer

Characterization of emulsions,

The principle


Der ECA-Sensor is used to determine the droplet sizes in original concentrated emulsions to analyze.

the ECA- Sensor -systems are based on Time of Flight (TOF) technology and Optical Back Reflectance Measurement (ORM). A high-energy laser beam scans the dispersed particles and droplets and their structures and records their geometric expansion as they pass through the laser beam in dynamic selective focus. The registered times in the microsecond range are displayed as a distribution in a statistic of all counted events. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



The ECA- sensor allows the measurement of size changes in original formulations of suspensions and emulsions under insitu conditions with a minimum distance of 1 µsec to the next measurement event between two droplets. 

Thus, the formulation of migration variables in flowing dispersions can be observed in real time. 

Observe with the ECA-Sensor:

Agglomerations of substance systems, stability of dispersed phase systems, dissolution processes of substances.

Technical data

ECA Series 318

Application: Emulsion

Measuring range: < 2 ... 125 µm

Temperature: 10°... 85°C

Pressure: Vacuum up to 3 bar

Use: beakers from 100 ml; reactors;