Image analysis systems


The portable pixact particle monitoring system is designed for the analysis of process suspensions containing dispersed elements. The measurement is based on direct optical imaging of particle suspensions in the Pixcell flow-through cuvette. The IP67 protected equipment can be used in both production and laboratory environments. The sample flow is connected to the inlet port in the case.

The measurement software is installed on a water- and dirt-proof laptop (rugged). The images are evaluated with real-time analysis and provide rich, detailed information about size and morphology. The system can be used with any dispersion phase, such as particles, fibers, droplets or bubbles.

Measurement programming

The pixact software controls the entire measurement process, including the system modules, data acquisition, image analysis and measurement result reports. Depending on the system specification, the mode of operation varies from a fully automated on-line measurement to manually controlled raw data acquisition and analysis. The pixact software can be configured from an on-line analysis software to an efficient R&D tool that provides access to all necessary settings. to all necessary settings.

Particle Image Analyser – PIA

The Particle Image Analyzer Series PIA offers size measurement based on the shape of the crystals and particles to be analyzed.

In real time and under in-situ conditions, the PIA sensors in the respective reaction unit determine shape and size simultaneously and provide all images of the objects

In-situ Video Microscope – IVM

Acquisition of:

real sieve data


Relationship between concavity and roundness

Determination of satellite structures

Determination of holes and notches

The following video shows the installation and handling of the IVM in the laboratory when measuring PVC.