IN-SITU BioCell Analysis

In situ Sensor Systems for analyzing Biocells


Online / Offline in situ Image Analysis

Particle Morphology

ParticleSystem size distribution In situ measurement in real time Crystallisation and CSD


Measurement of droplets in emulsions and polymer emulsions

Advantages of the Sensormeasurementtechnique

In-situ real-time measurement substitutes sample testing with a permanent supervision of your production.

On step through Industry 4.0 for your company

Everything in one place: Results are shown inside of our software which allows easy access to analyzable data.

Ensuring a production close to the operational optimum.

Return on investment through optimized production with minimized risks of failures in production

Ensuring permanent quality control by using the product specific calibrated measurements.

All measurement data may be used for future developing your products.

Our Services

Sequip sensors will be calibrated and adapted for your production processes and individual needs.

Sensors are extreme robust & durable.

Sensors are aseptic and so may be used for Biocell Analysis.

Measureresults under extreme circumstances like pressure and/or low or high temperatures.

Maintenance, Service, Warranty and Consulting.

Sequip sensors are built following DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

In-situ real-time measurement substitutes sample testing with a permanent supervision of your production.

Applicationsrecord of the month

We show you records of different application possibilities from our Sensors, that may not have to do anything with particle measurement on first sight.

Lean back and learn how users from industry, research and education mastered their measurementrequirements with our Sensors.

Have fun on a journey through microcosms of µm’s and Nanos!


In situ droplet sizes in original concentrated emulsions

Based on numerous F&E Projects within the last 20 years, we've learned a lot from our active costumers. Started with the measurements from Prof. Daniels at the University of Tuebingen, our costumer demands lead our Technologystandards steady to higher levels.

Today lots of agglomeration mysteries in nanoemulsions are no more secret to us.

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