Biotech Solutions Systems for the analysis of biological cells 
BioCell Analyzer

In- situ analysis of E. coli bacteria, algae and biocells.

Sterilizable and autoclavable sensors ensure maximum safety for online measurement in real time.

BioCell Sensors

BioCell Analayzing Systems

Sequip now integrates a new in situ sensor system that is used for the successful cultivation of biocells. For example, the number of living animal cells in a bioreactor is determined and thus allows a conclusion to be drawn on the cell activities within the reactor.

In the new MCSA method used here, which has been patented in Europe and the USA, optical signals such as optical density (COD) and optical back reflection (OBF), as well as the number of cells captured and the size distribution are of cells captured and the size distribution are recorded and evaluated online.

This method is based on a combination of various Sequip patents and is constantly being further developed. Successful test trials in bioanalytics have been carried out with it for over 10 years.

Mit dem  BioCell Analyzer Sensoren können eine Vielzahl von Parametern direkt im Fermenter erfasst werden.Eine aufwendige Probenahme entfällt und Kontaminierungen werden ausgeschlossen.

Based on customer requirements, we offer modular systems that cover a wide range of applications and are tailored to specific tasks.

The modular design of the systems enables optimal configuration for individual tasks. Different laser powers and technology levels guarantee an optimal price-performance ratio.


Measuring range: 0,15 bis 200µm*

(*eukaryotic cells:~10-100µm, prokaryotic cells: ~1-10µm).

Optik: Sapphire crystal with Nato standard

Sensor material: Hasteloy C22, other materials available on request

High power laser: Diode laser with matched lasers

Sensor diameter: 7,85 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm

Pressure max.: Vacuum up to maximum 300 bar

Temperature max.: -90 to +220°C

Software: Multi Capture Signal Analysis MCSA

Hardware: minimum requirements

In-situ Biocells measure

Measure, count, analyze biocells

The BioCell Analyzer can analyze cell number, cell growth and morphology in real time in the full version. Application-specific low-cost sensors are available specifically for E. coli, CHO cells and for algae.

For R&D projects we are pleased to offer customized high performance systems!

Fields of application: Measurement of E. coli and CHO cells. Special systems for R&D projects.


Detection of agglomerates and artifacts

Detection of cell activity, cell size and morphological changes

Observing cell part frequencies

Determine the development of culture

Feed pump control

Use up to 40g/l biomass

Gassing neutral up to 12-fold fermenter volume

Sterilizable (autoclave) sensors